A Resolution in Support of the Statewide Constitutional Amendment for Affordable Housing Bonds

Whereas, communities across Oregon are struggling to provide enough housing units at a rate residents can afford, and
Whereas, in Hood River, nearly one third of our households are unable to afford their current housing, with approximately 40% of renters unable to afford their housing costs, and
Whereas, the Oregon legislature voted almost unanimously to refer a constitutional amendment to voters this November, and
Whereas, the amendment would remove an old restriction in the Oregon constitution that prevents local affordable housing bond dollars from being used in partnership with non-profit and private groups, and
Whereas, this amendment will make local affordable housing bonds go further without added cost to taxpayers, helping thousands more people access housing in Oregon communities that have passed affordable housing bonds, and
Whereas, the amendment is a bipartisan solution to give local communities that approve bonds for affordable housing more flexibility to create the housing they need, and
Whereas, the amendment also requires annual audits and public reporting to ensure accountability, and
Now Therefore, be it resolved by the City of Hood River that we strongly support the affordable housing Oregon Constitutional Amendment and strongly encourage all voters across the state to vote YES on Measure 102. 
The above resolution statements were approved and declared adopted on this 13th day of August, 2018
       Paul Blackburn, Mayor 
Jennifer Gray, City Recorder