City of Hood River, Oregon
Resolution No. 2018-07


 WHEREAS, a group of local citizens has requested permission to hold the first “Open Streets” event in the City of Hood River; and

 WHEREAS, the concept behind Open Streets is inspired by the Hood River Energy Plan, a plan developed over the past two years and now adopted by a variety of local agencies including the City of Hood River; and

 WHEREAS, the organizers of the proposed Open Streets event in Hood River have secured a $5,000 grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation to help fund expenses related to this event; and

 WHEREAS, the Open Streets concept includes temporarily closing, or limiting access, to certain streets for automobile traffic so that the street surface may be used for walking, biking, skating, playing, group exercise demonstrations, food vendors and related events and functions; and

 WHEREAS, it is also contemplated the Hood River Open Streets event will generally support non-carbon energy use and encourage active transportation via walking, bicycling, skating and other non-motorized movements and thus encourage a civic spirit through these non-traditional uses of Hood River streets; and

 WHEREAS, the proposed area for the Hood River Open Streets event is The Heights area, reaching approximately from 13th Street east including portions of Hull, Pine, June, May and Prospect streets and the intervening numbered streets east from 13th to 2nd Street; and

 WHEREAS, the proposed date for the Open Streets event is Sunday, September 30; and

 WHEREAS, Hood River Municipal Code (HRMC) sections 5.07.030 and 5.07.050 could be interpreted to apply to and limit the City’s ability to hold such an event in residentially zoned neighborhoods by its definition of “special events” and placing restrictions on this Open Streets event to make it difficult or unrealistic to stage or permit; and

 WHEREAS, the Hood River City Council finds that the Open Streets event concept is in the public interest and that authorizing this event as proposed promotes, protects and improves the livability of the City’s neighborhoods, encourages civic involvement and positive neighborhood interactions; and

 WHEREAS, the City Council interprets HRMC Chapter 5.07 as not precluding this Open Streets event because, by design, this event will close public streets to through traffic for a limited period, while allowing local traffic and affected residents to reach their homes and businesses safely; and

 WHEREAS the City Council desires that this event have a fair and open chance at success realizing that it provides significant opportunities for building upon the goals of Clean Energy program and provides a prospect for enhanced community engagement.

 NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Hood River City Council that

1. The Hood River City Council determines that through this Resolution the City shall permit an Open Streets event in September 2018 on a one-time only basis;

2. This Resolution contemplates the many benefits specifically described in the prior recitals and generally seeks the opportunity to engage in the unique community building that is a part of the Open Streets event and;

3. City staff is directed to work carefully with the Open Streets proponents to craft a variety of permit requirements to ensure the event is safe and welcoming to all, including but not limited to, coordination with the Oregon Department of Transportation, Providence Hospital, Hood River Garbage and;

4. In the process of the coordination mentioned above staff shall seek to minimize its direct involvement and engagement in permitting activities and ensure that such work is carried out by the Open Streets proponents.


 Approved and Effective this 23rd day of April 2018 by the Hood River City Council.

       Paul Blackburn, Mayor


Jennifer Gray, City Recorder Approved as to form:

Daniel Kearns, City Attorney