State Lot - $38.00/Month 

State Parking lot is located on State Street across from the Astro Gas Station. This lot has 28 assigned parking spaces.

Front Lot - $38.00/Month 

Front Parking Lot is located on the corner of State Street and Front Street, behind Big Winds. The Front Lot has 21 assigned parking spots.

Cascade Lot -$38.00/Month 

Cascade Lot is located on Cascade Street between 4th and 5th Street, across from the Hood River Post Office. The north half of the parking lot is monthly permit parking only. The south half is open to daily pay to park non-permit use. This lot has 50 parking spaces.

Columbia Lot - $22.00/Month 

Columbia Lot is located on Columbia Street between 5th and 6th Street across from Full Sail and the Hood River Cinemas. This lot has 135 parking spaces. Parking arrangements are revised on Saturdays from May through November to accommodate the Farmer's Market.

Meter Permit - $38.00/Month 

Meter permit (on-street parking only) allows you to park in metered areas on certain sections of specific streets. Please see Meter Permit Map below for allowed parking areas. Refer to dark blue highlighted areas on the Downtown Parking Map.

Work Permit/Short Term Permit - $9.00/Day 

The Work Permit/Short Term Permit will allow you to park all day on any metered street or any city-owned parking lots, with the exception of State Lot and Front Lot. Maximum of seven consecutive days.

Delivery Permit - $5.00/Month 

The Delivery Permit is available for delivery to local businesses by private vehicles, not commercial delivery services. This permit is to be used when the loading zone is occupied, allowing street parking in a metered spot with a Delivery Permit for a maximum of 30 minutes with flashers on at all times.

Oak Street Apartments - $22.00/Month

This permit is available for Oak Street Apartments tenants only. The Permit is valid on 6th Street between Oak Ave. and Cascade Ave. and the corner of 6th Street to 7th Street on Cascade Ave. Proof of address is required for these permits.

Meter Reserved Bags - $9.00/Day per Space/Bag 

The Meter Reserved Bags are to reserve a space for one day, up to seven consecutive days.




To purchase or to renew a Parking Permit please visit City Hall, located at 211 2nd Street. For more information about parking availability, please call Laura at the City of Hood River Parking Department, 541-386-1488 option 2 for parking. You can also send an email to for general questions. 


City of Hood River Downtown Parking Map

Downtown Parking Map

Meter Permit (on-street parking) = Dark Blue highlighted areas only

Meter Permit is NOT VALID in Columbia Lot, Cascade Lot, State Lot or Front Lot.

All Permits must be displayed on the front passenger side windshield and visible at all times.