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Building Permits

As part of the Building Permit process Hood River Fire & EMS reviews all new, remodel, tennant improvements for Residential, Commercial or Industrial applications.  At this time all fire alarm and sprinkler permit applications are reviewed independently by the Building Department.  Hood River Fire & EMS works with the building department to ensure that provisions of the Oregon Fire Code are implemented.  Once the provisions of the building permit are satisfied it is imcumbent on Hood River Fire & EMS through the Fire & Life Safety Inspection Program to periodically check for Fire Code Compliance.

Access and Water Supply Review

Evaluation of the City water supply to meet fire flow demands and fire department access to your structure is the prime focus on the Bulding Permit review.  Some of the shortfalls may require placement of fire hydrant(s), improved access roads, fire lanes and possibly sprinkler systems.

Building in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

The City of Hood River has designated Wildland Urban Interface Zones.  This an area where rapid fire spread is possible due to a combination of fuels, weather and topography. Fuels by definition include any flora and man made structures. The City designated areas have long established infrastrucure with narrow roads that in many cases will not support larger fire apparatus and as such the fire dpartment response may be hindered.

To help mitigate issues, the requirements found in the International Wildland Urban Interface Code have been adopted.  This is a tiered approach to building construction materials based on risk. 

Commercial/Industrial Review

In addition to Access and Water Supply review the permit applicant or owner is required to provide further details of the building construction to assist Hood River Fire & EMS in pre-planning for fire or other emergency that could impact your business.

Fire & Life Safety Review

This is conducted by the building department and focuses on occupant safety namely building access and egress, occupant loading, occupancy type.  For more information please contact the Building Department.


Burning Permits




The Hood River Fire Department is actively inspecting businesses within the city to assist owners in creating and maintaining an environment that will enhance the level of fire and life safety.  What this means is that the Fire Marshal or his designee will visit you and perform an inspection; higher risk businesses may be be visited on a semi-annual basis. Most low risk businesses will be given the opportunity to perform self-inspections with periodic visits from the Fire Marshal or his designee. Typically a low risk business would be an office, small business, small retail space that has no sprinkler system, cooking hood or hazardous materials.  A medium risk business would be inspected annually, an example would be those that are sprinkled, have cooking hood(s), assembly areas and schools.  A high risk business would be inspected at a minimum annually; examples would be gas stations, businesses housing hazardous materials. The Fire Marshal reserves the right to determine the category in which your business resides. Hood River Fire & EMS encourages business owners to provide a safe working environment for both employees and customers alike. For new business construction, fire and life safety features are addressed through the building department, however many times when no building permit needs to be pulled business owners may not recognize or implement some of the basic fire and life safety features. At this point Hood River Fire & EMS would strongly encourage you to contact the Fire Marshal who would be available to discuss and advise business owners of their fire & life safety responsibilities. 

Self Inspection Program

For those businesses that are in the "Low Hazard Category" the option to conduct a self inspection is offered.  There two web based forms, one that can be printed out to use as a reference while conducting your inspection, the second to be filled out from the web and e-mailed back to the Fire Marshal.  Those qualifying for the self inspection program will be e-mailed a Password and instructions as to how to complete the inspection.  The Fire Marshal or his designee may physically visit your business for a random inspection.

Business Self Inspection Form 2013






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Key Lock Box System

The KnoxBox is required on all Commercial and/or Industrial structures including those protected by a fire alarm system or automatic supression system, or such structures that are secured in a manner that restricts access by Hood River Fire & EMS during an emergency.  New Business construction is also required to mount a KnoxBox. Existing businesses are encouraged to retroactively mount one.

What is a KnoxBox?

The KnoxBox gives fire department officials instant access to buildings and eliminates the need for cumbersome, unfriendly keyrings that often hold hundreds of building keys. With KnoxBox, fire departments and businesses can work together to prevent expensive forcible entry should emergency services be required while the premises are unoccupied and to preserve lives and property.

Who Orders and Installs the Lock Box?

The Building Owner or Contractor purchase the box using this link:  Each KnoxBox is shipped with complete mounting instructions; however Hood River Fire & EMS will assist you in choosing a proper location for mounting. Generally boxes are mounted to the right of the main entrance door at a height equal to the top of the door - Generally 6ft from the ground.  After the installation is completed call Hood River Fire & EMS, the Fire Marshal will conduct an inspection of the installation and lock the building keys within the box.  As soon as the keys are locked inside the box, it is ready to provide immediate access to emergency personnel.

How does the KnoxBox Work?

All necessary keys will be locked inside by a representative of the fire department - ONLY the fire department's master key can open this box.  If sized correctly, additional items such as electronic entry cards and emergency contact names and numbers can be stored.  It is encumbent upon the business owner to ensure that new keys are issued to the fire department if locks are rekeyed etc.

How Secure is te KnoxBox??

UL listed KnoxBox locks have a tough steel construction and locking system designed to withstand attack.  The key system is unique to Hood River Fire & EMS

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