(An ordinance making certain determinations and findings relating to and approving the 4th  Amendment to the Columbia Cascade Development Plan

WHEREAS, on September 14, 1987 the City of Hood River City Council (“City Council”) adopted Ordinance #1589, which approved the Columbia Cascade Development Plan (“Plan”), which Plan has been amended from time to time.
WHEREAS, the Hood River Urban Renewal Agency (“Agency”) is the City’s urban renewal agency and exercises the powers of an urban renewal agency in accordance with ORS Chapter 457;
 WHEREAS, the Agency has determined that some projects authorized by the Plan have not yet been completed, and that various provisions of the Plan needed to be amended to allow sufficient time to complete such projects. 

 WHEREAS, the City Council, pursuant to the requirements of ORS 457.085(1) and (2), has caused the preparation of an Amendment to the Plan to remove various time limits and allow completion of the projects (“Amendment”), which is attached to this Ordinance as Exhibit A and incorporated herein by this reference.

 WHEREAS, the City Council has caused the preparation of a report accompanying the Amendment as required by ORS 457.085(3) (“Report”), which Report is dated  November 8, 2010 and is attached to this Ordinance as Exhibit B and incorporated herein by this reference;

 WHEREAS, the Amendment and the Report, dated, were forwarded to the Hood River Planning Commission on October 4, 2010, along with a Staff Report, which is attached to this Ordinance as Exhibit C  for its recommendation, and the Planning Commission considered the Plan, Report and Staff Report and acted to forward a recommendation to the Council that the Plan be approved by the City Council  

 WHEREAS, the Amendment was considered by the Agency at its October 21, 2010 meeting and the Agency has proposed that the City Council approve the Amendment.
  WHEREAS, the Plan and the Report were forwarded on October 14, 2010 to the governing body of each taxing district affected by the Plan, and the City Council thereafter consulted and conferred with each taxing district;

 WHEREAS, the City Council has received one written recommendation from the governing bodies of the affected taxing districts, and has considered the recommendation;

 WHEREAS, on October 27, 2010 the City Council caused notice of the City Council hearing on the Plan, together with the required statements of ORS 457.120(3), to be mailed to all residences within the city limits of Hood River  and published according to ORS 457.120(4); and

 WHEREAS, on November 8, 2010 the City Council held a public hearing to review and consider the Plan, the Report, the recommendation of the Planning Commission, and the public testimony received on that date, and does by this Ordinance desire to approve the Amendment.


Section 1.  The City  Council hereby determines and finds that the Amendment complies with all requirements of ORS Chapter 457 and the specific criteria of ORS 457.095(1) through (7), in that, based on the information provided in the Report, information provided in the Staff Report, the recommendation of the Planning Commission, and the public testimony before the City  Council:

1. The area designated in the Plan as the Area is blighted, as defined by ORS 457.010(1) and is eligible for inclusion within the Plan because of conditions described in Section II of the Report, including the underdevelopment of property within the Area, the lack of adequate streets and other rights of way serving property in the Area, and the insufficiency of facilities and improvements at the recreational sites in the Area;

 2. The rehabilitation and redevelopment described in the Plan to be undertaken by the Agency is necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare of Hood River because absent the completion of the urban renewal projects, the Area will fail to contribute its fair share of property tax revenues to support public services and will fail to develop and/or redevelop according the goals of the City’s Comprehensive Plan;

 3. The Plan conforms to the Comprehensive Plan of Hood River as a whole, and provides an outline for accomplishing the projects described in the Plan, as more fully described in Chapters III and V of the Plan; 

4. There is no residential displacement occurring as a result of the acquisition and disposition of land and redevelopment activities proposed in the Plan;

 5. Adoption and carrying out the Plan is economically sound and feasible in that funds are available to complete the Plan projects using urban renewal tax increment revenues derived from a division of taxes pursuant to section 1c, Article IX of the Oregon Constitution and ORS 457.440, and other available funding as shown in Sections V, VII and VIII of the Report; and

6.   The City, by and through its Agency, shall assume and complete any activities prescribed it by the Plan.

Section 2.  The City Council expressly accepts the written recommendations of  the Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation District as follows:  support the proposal as presented.

Section 3.  In accordance with the findings set forth above, the public testimony and the information presented to the City Council, the City Council approves the Amendment to the Plan.
Section 4.  The City Clerk shall forward a copy of this Ordinance to the Agency.  The Agency shall deliver a copy of the Plan to Hood River County to be recorded in the Records of Hood River County, Oregon. 

Section 5.  In accordance with ORS 457.095 and 457.115, notice of the adoption of this Ordinance approving the Plan, and the provisions in ORS 457.135, shall be published in the Hood River News no later than four days following adoption of this Ordinance.


Read for the first time: November 8, 2010.

Read for the second time and passed:  November 22, 2010, to become effective thirty (30) days hence.

Signed  NOvember 22, 2010

      Arthur Babitz, Mayor


Jennifer Gray, City Recorder