(An ordinance amending section 13.08.050 – Number System Designated – North and South Throughways – of the Hood River Municipal Code)

 WHEREAS, Chapter 13.08 sets out the City’s system for numbering buildings on streets;

 WHEREAS, Chapter 13.08 appears to have been adopted in 1909 and amended only once in 2006;

 WHEREAS, contrary to the provisions of Section 13.08.050, the City has historically always numbered buildings on the east side of streets with odd numbers and buildings on the west side of streets with even numbers;

 WHEREAS, it is far more practical to amend Section 13.08.050 to conform to practice than to require all buildings on north/south streets to be renumbered.


Section 13.08.050 of the Hood River Municipal Code is amended to read as follows [deletions shown in strikeout and additions shown in underline]:

13.08.050 Numbering System Designated - North and South Throughways.  The buildings along all throughways running in a general northerly and southerly direction shall be numbered both north and south from Columbia Street as the baseline.  Two numbers shall be allowed for each twenty five feet of frontage on the throughway line and the numbering shall begin on the west east side of the throughway with the number "2" and the even numbers shall be maintained on the west east side of the throughway throughout;  on the east west side of the throughway, the numbering shall being with “1” and the odd numbers shall continue on the east west side of the throughway throughout.   Second and additional stories shall be designated by the addition of suite numbers to the number used for the ground floor.  The units and tens shall be used in numbering the first block both north and south of Columbia Street, and thereafter each block shall begin with even consecutive hundreds, which method of numbering shall be maintained throughout.
Read for the first time: October 27, 2008.

Read for the second time and passed:  November 10, 2008, to become effective thirty (30) days hence.

Signed      , 200.


      Linda Streich, Mayor


Jennifer McKenzie, City Recorder