(An ordinance amending Section 16.08.040—Filing and Recording of the Hood River Municipal Code)

 WHEREAS, the Chapter 16.08 of the Hood River Municipal Code currently requires all final plats to be approved by the County Board of Commissioners and County Surveyor;

 WHEREAS, the City may provide for partition plat approval by only the County Surveyor;

 WHEREAS, the County may provide for subdivision plat approval by a designated official other than the County Board of Commissioners; and

 WHEREAS, the proposed amendments make it clear that partition plats are subject to approval at the County level only by the County Surveyor prior to filing and that subdivision plats are subject to County approval in accordance with County regulations, which may designate the Board of Commissioner’s final approval authority to an individual County official.


Section 16.08.040 of the Hood River Municipal Code is amended to read as follows:

16.08.040 Filing and Recording

A. Filing Plat with County.  Within sixty (60) days of the City approval of the final plat, the applicant shall submit the final plat to the County for signatures of County officials as required by ORS Chapter 92 and County Ordinance.  For purposes of ORS 92.100(1)(f), a partition plat is subject only to the approval of the County surveyor.

B. Proof of Recording.  Upon final recording with the County, the applicant shall submit to the City two (2) paper copies of all sheets of the recorded final plat.  This shall occur prior to the issuance of building permits for the newly-created lots. 

C. Prerequisites to Recording the Plat.
1. No plat shall be recorded unless all ad valorem taxes and all special assessments, fees, or other charges required by law to be placed on the tax roll have been paid in the manner provided by ORS Chapter 92;
2. No plat shall be recorded until it is approved by the County Surveyor in the manner provided by ORS Chapter 92.
D. Parcels in Excess of 80 Acres.  Parcels in excess of 80 acres do not need to be shown on a partition plat.  However, the plat shall show all shared boundaries between the parcel in excess of 80 acres and the other parcel(s) on the plat and include a notation on the plat indicating which parcel(s) is not shown in its entirety pursuant to this provision.

Read for the first time: _________, 2008.

Read for the second time and passed:  _________, 2008, to become effective thirty (30) days hence.

Signed      , 2008.


      Linda Streich, Mayor


Jennifer McKenzie, City Recorder