Engine 2       2010 Pierce Velocity PUC


Tower 3        2011 Pierce Velocity 95' Mid Mount platform


Engine 4        1998 Pierce Saber


 Truck 1        1998 Pierce Saber 65 foot ladder

(Yes it's really a telesquirt.)


 Brush 1      2012 Ford F450 4X4


RTV            2011 Polaris 6X6 with patient transport skid


This unit is setup to access and transport patients from locations difficult or inaccessible by our medic units. We anticipate it being very helpful in accessing patients on the Hood River Sandbar, the Twin Tunnel Trail, golf courses, special events and patients in more remote locations.



Medic 1         2007 Medtec 4X4 Ford F450    


Medic 2        2008 Medtec 4X4 Ford F450

 Medic 3        2001 Medtec 4X4 Ford F450    



 Coming Winter 2012 Dodge 4500 4X4 Medic

(builder to be determined)  



Engine 1        1920 American LaFrance

Hood River Fire Departments First Motorized Fire Apparatus (owned by Hood River Volunteer Fire Fighters Association).

With Dignitaries from our Sister City, Tsuruta Japan.


C201  2009 Ford F350 4X4


C202         2011 Chevrolet Tahoe


 C203         1996 Ford F150 4X4