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Message from the Chief

The Hood River Police Department is committed to provide the best service possible within the community.  We are dedicated to making sure we do our best to prioritize our efforts and maximize our assets.

It is our desire to continue to improve our community presence and perception and to enhance the job satisfaction of our workforce.  This will help us to provide the best possible solutions to the problems our citizens face in our community. No matter what, we will always strive to do the best that we can in addressing the issues that impact those we serve.

We are a value-based Police Department, basing how we function in the community on a set of Core Values.   We believe this will provide us both the liberty and the ability to act on behalf of the common good. Our goal is to rely on a set of values to guide us in serving the community we work for.

The employees of the Hood River Police Department were given the opportunity to have input into their values and mission statement. These are their ideas and beliefs that will be the foundation in serving our community.

We genuinely hope that our core valued based organization will be evident to the people we serve each day. I believe in return, the employees of the Hood River Police Department can be proud to work here and represent the community.

The Hood River Police Department has embraced the following core values, HonorIntegrity and Excellence. By following a set of Core Values we believe will enhance our ability to fulfill our Mission Statement.

General Information

The police department is located at the corner of Second and State Street in the lower level of the newly remodeled City Hall Building.

The Hood River Police Department was established in 1895. The department currently consists of 14 certified police officers including Chief, Lieutenant, 2 Sergeants, 1 Criminal Detective, and 8 patrol officers. The department also employs 2 Non-Sworn members including a Community Service Officer/Parking Enforcement Officer and an Administrative Assistant.

The Department provides police services to the City of Hood River which is comprised of 3 square miles of residential, business, industrial and recreational properties. Hood River has a population of approximately 7,830 full time residents. The City welcomes a large influx of tourists and outdoor recreational enthusiasts looking to experience the vast natural wonders, and recreational and sporting opportunities that the Columbia Gorge has to offer.

Hood River is located about 60 miles east of Portland on the banks of the Columbia River. The city is nestled in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, with its picturesque views of Mount Hood and Mount Adams, Hood River offers abundant access to outdoor activities that have outdoorsmen, athletes, and people who appreciate natural beauty, visiting us from all over the world.    

Mission Statement

With our core values of Honor, Integrity and Excellence as our guide, our mission is to:

Provide a proactive level of service to reduce crime.  Protect those who live, work and visit our community.  Carry out of service with understanding, compassion and genuine care for the community. Hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of excellence and achievements    

Core Values


We are devoted to the people we serve.  We will act honorably in discharging our daily duties.  We will respect ourselves and in turn, show respect to those we work alongside and those we serve.


We are committed to being honest, loyal and authentic.  We carry ourselves with dignity and express compassion.  We hold ourselves accountable to a high standard of ethical behavior in our dailyactions


We are driven to deliver the highest level of performance, commitment and respect.  In everything we do, we know our very best effort will be extended.