The Engineering Department is responsible for reviewing applications and issuing permits for activities within the public rights-of-way or for activities involving the extension of or connection to public utilities and for the erection or installation of signs. 

The Engineering Department issues the following permits:

  • Construction Site / ROW Permit – required for all work within the public rights-of-way, including sewer lateral connections and all extensions of the public utility systems as well as work on private property that meets conditions outlined in the “City of Hood River Engineering Standards,” Section 2.2 – Construction Site Permit.
  • Sign Permits - signs within the City of Hood River are regualted under the provisions of the Hood River Municipal Code Chapter 18 - Signs and Related Regulations.
  • Contractor Prequalification  – before being authorized to perform any work on City of Hood River utilities or streets, all contractors must first complete and submit a “City of Hood River Prequalification Application.”  Authorization will be granted by the City Engineer to those contractors demonstrating the skill, experience and resources necessary to meet the City’s requirements.