Reserve Police Officer Program

Hood River Reserve Police Officers are an integral and important part of the Hood River Police Department, and are honored members of this organization. As unpaid volunteers, Reserve Officers aid and supplement the general functions of the department. Reserve Officers are given appropriate training, and they gain experience through on-the-job activities. Training and experience determine the increasing responsibilities of each Reserve Officer. Becoming a Reserve Police Officer is a good way to gain experience, or test one’s aptitude, for a career in law enforcement. There is no application or testing cost to the applicants. Reserve Officers serve solely at the discretion of the Chief of Police and the current sworn staff Reserve Coordinator.

Benefits of becoming a Reserve Police Officer include:

  1. Excellent training to learn about the criminal justice system and how to perform the duties of regular police officers;
  2. Supervised on-the-job experience in real law enforcement situations;
  3. Ability to build comprehensive résumé content for future full-time employment with most law enforcement agencies;
  4. Opportunity to show competence and desire to be a future full-time police officer with the Hood River Police Department;
  5. Rewarding service to our community;
  6. Enjoying the camaraderie and pride of being part of a professional law enforcement family.

Applicants are not required to have prior law enforcement experience, but the minimum requirements for selection as a Hood River Reserve Officer are:

  1. 21 years of age;
  2. Possess a high school diploma or equivalent;
  3. Possess and maintain a valid driver’s license;
  4. Have no felony convictions;

Successful candidates will:

  1. Pass a written test;
  2. Pass a standardized physical agility test;
  3. Progress satisfactorily through an interview process – usually in front of a small panel of law enforcement professionals;
  4. Progress satisfactorily through a Chief’s interview;
  5. Pass a thorough background investigation – which includes, but is not limited to, a review of employment history, friends and family relationships, residence history, finances;
  6. Pass a psychological fitness evaluation; and
  7. Pass a drug screen.

Selected candidates must be able to:

  1. Attend and complete both a basic and an advanced Hood River Reserve Law Enforcement Academy;
  2. Progress satisfactorily through a comprehensive field training and evaluation program;
  3. Be able to attend at least 80% of monthly Reserve Officer training meetings;
  4. Be able to serve a minimum of 40 hours every 2 months with the Department;
  5. Be usually able to attend additional monthly Department training.

To apply to become a Hood River Reserve Police Officer, pick up an application and job description from the Hood River Police Department at 207 Second St. For questions about this program, please contact Detective Anthony Frasier at (541)387-5256 or email.