Storm Drainage System

The City of Hood River maintains an extensive storm drainage system in conjunction with the City streets.  The system consists primarily of catch basins, manholes and underground piping except in some of the older parts of town and in areas recently annexed into the City where drainage ditches still exist.

The City’s Stormwater Utility Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) was completed in 2001.  The CFP identified capital improvements costing $4.3 million that are necessary to upgrade portions of the existing system.  New segments of the system necessary to accommodate projected growth into the Urban Growth Area are projected to cost about $4.7 million (all costs in 2001 dollars).

Stormwater Utility Fee

In 2006, the City established a stormwater utility fee to be used for maintenance and repair of the stormwater system. (HRMC 12.04.100) Currently, fees are charged in accordance with an interim schedule pending completion of and adoption of a stormwater rate study by the City Engineer.  Interim fees are billed with the water and sewer utility bill and are based on the size of the water meter serving a property.  The current fee schedule is shown below:

Water Meter Size Monthly Rate
¾” $     9.54
1” $   46.07
1-1/2” $   79.82

$   87.32

3” $ 152.13
4” $ 305.34
6” $ 476.22

Resolutions Approved by City Council:

Resolution 2007-21 - Stormwater System Development Charges

Resolutoin 2013-20 - Stormwater Fees and Charges

Stormwater Systems Development Charges

In September 2007, the City established stormwater system development fees (SDC’s) that will be used for the construction of new stormwater facilities.  The fee is based on $0.26 per square foot of impervious surface and is $695.00 per equivalent residential dwelling unit.