Water System

The City of Hood River’s water is of extremely high quality from a pristine groundwater source consisting of three springs located approximately 15 miles southwest of town on the slopes of Mount Hood.  Cold Spring, Stone Spring I, and Stone Spring II are located on approximately 23 acres of City-owned property near Lost Lake.  It is estimated that the springs can continuously provide at least 10 million gallons of water per day.  They currently providing up to five million gallons of water per day, which is carried from the source to the City’s primary five-million gallon reservoir in a 14-inch steel transmission main that was constructed in 1929.  From the five-million gallon reservoir, the water travels through approximately three more miles of parallel 14-inch and 16-inch mains to serve the City’s distribution system and two more reservoirs.  The three reservoirs provide a total of nearly six million gallons of storage capacity for fire fighting and service outages. 

The City’s Water Master Plan, prepared in 2001, identified replacement of the existing 14-inch transmission main as a near-term capital improvement project.  The City has prepared construction plans and will build a new 24-inch transmission main in two phases.  Construction of Phase One is currently scheduled to be completed by the end of November 2010.  Phase Two is scheduled to go out for bids sometime in November 2010


Cross Connection Control Program

The City of Hood River aggressively pursues a cross connection control program to protect its water customers from foreign substances in the water system.  Section 12.02.250 of the Hood River Municipal Code (HRMC) identifies the backflow protection required by the City in conformance with State of Oregon law.  The City contracts with Backflow Management Inc. to help in the administration of its cross connection control program.

Questions regarding cross connection requirements, including backflow prevention device installation and testing requirements, may be directed to the Public Works Department at 541-386-2383.

Annual Consumer Confidence Report (Water Quality Report)

As required by State law, the City of Hood River prepares an annual report on the quality of its water, listing any potential contaminants that might have been detected during the proceeding test periods.  The frequency of testing varies from daily to every five years depending on the substance.

The most recent report is available 2018 Water Quality Report.  Reports from previous years may be viewed or obtained for the cost of copying at the Public Works office at 1200 18th Street.

Water Connection and Usage Charges

Water connection fees consist of the system development charge (SDC) plus the connection fee.  Fees are based on the size of the water meter.  Most residential users have a ¾” or a 1” meter.  Usage charges for residential customers having a ¾” meter consist of a base charge, which includes the first 5000 gallons of water used and a commodity charge of $2.42 per 1000 gallons or fraction thereof used above the first 5000 gallons.  For larger meters, there is no flow included in the base charge and all usage is billed at the rate of $2.42 per 1000 gallons or fraction thereof used.

Water system connection fees include the cost of the City installing the water service from the main in the street to the meter.  Connection of the service from the customer side of the meter to the house is the responsibility of the customer.

Meter Size

Water Connection Fee (Includes SDC Fee)

Water Base Charge (Includes 5000 gal./mo.)

Water Commodity Charge (per 1000 gal.)

3/4" $6,462.00 $40.25 $2.49
1" $9,535.00 $68.42




2017 utilities survey by the League of Oregon Cities

Resolution Approved by City Council:


Resolution 2015-19 - Water System Development Charges

Resolution 2015-21 -Water Service Rates

Please call Public Works (541-386-2383) for costs relating to larger services and for commercial usage charges.

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