Sanitary Sewer  System

The City of Hood River’s sewer collection system is comprised of over 40 miles of sewer mains and appurtenant facilities including seven sanitary sewer lift stations located within the Hood River Urban Growth Area (UGA).  The system has been expanded to the southeast and to the west within the UGA in response to rapid urban development that has occurred over the past several years.  In 2008, Hood River County will connect the Windmaster area, located south of Hood River and outside the UGA, to the City of Hood River system following that area’s designation as a health hazard area due to failing septic systems.

The City’s Sanitary Sewer Capital Facilities Plan (CFP), prepared in 2001, identified areas within the system for which repair or replacement is recommended due to insufficient capacity and problems related to the age of the infrastructure.  The estimated cost of the work identified in the CFP Base Plan was approximately $6.9 million. 

The Capital Improvement Program outlined in the CFP is designed to be implemented over a 40-year period.  Two capital projects are planned for construction beginning in 2008.  The first, replacement and upsizing of the sanitary sewer main in Columbia Street from 10th Street to 20th Street began constrution in September 2008 and will be completed in early 2009.  The second, scheduled for constrution in 2009, is the Indian Creek sanitary lift station and related piping improvements.  This project will eliminate most of the flow from the line that extends east down the Indian Creek Canyon, an area subject to landslides and having severely limited access.

Backwater Prevention Program

In 2006, the City Council adopted a sewer backwater prevention program (Hood River Municipal Code (HRMC) 12.03.040).  The program parallels requirements of the State of Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code requirements relating to the installation of sewer backwater valves.  Backwater valves are required by the HRMC when “the lowest floor level of a structure to be connected to the city wastewater system is below a point which is 12 inches above the top of the nearest upstream manhole or cleanout structure.”

The City will provide a backwater valve at no cost to the owner of an existing residential property that is connected to the City’s sewer system.  The cost of installing the backwater valve is the property owner’s responsibility.  The HRMC does provide for financial assistance from the City for the installation of a backwater valve in cases of demonstrated need. 

The HRMC also requires the seller of a residential property to deliver a Compliance Report to the buyer as part of every real estate transaction.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The City of Hood River wastewater treatment plant, located on City property at the west end of the Port of Hood River, is operated under contract by CH2M Hill/OMI.  Plant capacity is three million gallons per day.  Current average daily summertime flows are approximately one million gallons.  Wintertime flows may increase significantly due to inflow and infiltration.  The City consistently meets or exceeds Oregon Department of Environmental Quality requirements related to the effluent that it discharges to the Columbia River.

Industrial users discharging waste to the City of Hood River sanitary sewer system may be required to provide pretreatment and may be assessed additional treatment charges.

Sewer Connection and Usage Charges

Sewer connection fees consist of the system development charge (SDC) plus the connection fee.  Sewer fees are based on the size of the water meter.  Most residential users have a ¾” or a 1” meter.  Construction of the connection from the main to the residence is the responsibility of the customer.   A Construction Site Permit  must be obtained from the City and a street opening bond must be provided before any work is done.  The work must be inspected by the City inspector. 

Water Meter Size

Sewer Connection Fee (Includes SDC Fee)

Sewer Base Charge (per month)

3/4" $2,093.00 $60.72
1" $3,388.00 $103.00

Resolutions Approved By City Council:

Resolution 2015-20 - Wastewater System Development Charges

Resolution 2015-22 - Wastewater Rates and Charges

Please call Public Works (541-386-2383) for costs of larger services and for commercial usage charges.

[Page updated: July 02, 2018]