Emergency Medical Service

The Hood River Fire Department provides the only full time Advanced Life Support ambulance in Hood River County. Our Staffing allows us to generally staff 2 ALS ambulances with 2 paramedics.  Our Ambulance Service Area is approximately 145 square miles (approximately 110 square miles in Hood River County ASA 2, and 35 square miles in Wasco County ASA 1).

Our current Medic fleet consists of three  4x4 ambulances: a 2013 Road Rescue type 1 Dodge Ram 4500, a 2008 Medtec type 1 Ford F450, a 2007 Medtec type I Ford F450.

Our Career Staff includes 16 Oregon EMT-Paramedics on shift rotations, Our Chief is also an Oregon EMT-Paramedic.

Our Volunteer Staff includes 12 Oregon EMT-Basics.

In addition to Oregon State Health Division recertification requirements, we also require our paramedics to maintain certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, and either Pediatric Advanced Life Support or Pediatric Education for Pre hospital Professionals.