Engineering Standards 

The Engineering Department maintains the Engineering Standards for the City.  The “City of Hood River Engineering Standards” (Standards) were adopted in March 2005 and are updated from time to time as needed.  The purpose of the Standards is to provide design standards for both public and private improvements, including grading and erosion control, under the jurisdiction of the City of Hood River.  The Standards apply to proposed work within the City and the Urban Growth Area (UGA) and to extensions of City-owned utilities outside the City limits and the UGA.

Hard copies of the Standards are available at a cost of $20 at the Engineering Department.  It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the latest revision of the Standards is used.  Please verify with the Engineering Department before beginning a new project.

Construction Site Permit Process and Submittal Checklist

The permit process and submittal requirements are described in detail in the linked documents below. Please reference these when preparing information for permit applications for the Public Works Department.

Construction Site Permit Process Link here
Permit Submittal Checklist Link here

Downloadable Engineering Standards

 Engineering Standards

 Engineering Standard Drawings


Street Cut

Trench backfill, Bedding, Pipe Zone & Multiple Installations

Standard Curb


Driveway 2

Setback Sidewalk Driveways

Curbside Sidewalk

Setback Sidewalk

Sidewalk Ramp Placement for Curbside Sidewalks

Sidewalk Ramp Placement for Curbside Sidewalks 2

Sidewalk Ramp Placement for Curbside and Curbside/Setback Sidewalks

Sidewalk Ramp Placement for Curbside Sidewalks Alterations

Sidewalk Ramp Placement for Setback Sidewalks

Sidewalk Ramp 1

Sidewalk Ramp 2

Sidewalk Obstruction

Water Service Connection

Double Check Valve Assembly Installation

Reduced Pressure Backflow Device

Valve Box and Operator Extension Assembly

Water Main Dead-End Blowoff Assembly

Hydrant Installation

Thrust Blocking

Pipe Anchor

Sewer Connection

Sanitary Sewer Cleanout

Standard Manhole

Storm Sewer Pollution Control Manhole

Outside Drop Manhole

Sanitary Sewer Inside Drop Manhole

Manhole Cover & Frames

Standard Catch Basin Frame & Grate

Ditch Inlet Catch Basin